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Transfusion Medicine Service Transfusion Audit Procedure

Further Information Is Available By Contacting The Medical Director of the Transfusion Medicine Service: Zbigniew M. Szczepiorkowski, M.D. or the Blood Bank Medical Director, Nancy M. Dunbar M.D.

The Transfusion Medicine Service, in compliance with regulatory requirements, audits the transfusion of blood and blood components transfused at DHMC in an effort to monitor and improve clinical practice.

All transfusions are reviewed for conformance with good transfusion practices. When a transfusion does not appear to meet the Transfusion Committee's audit criteria, the attending staff will be contacted.

Requests for Platelets, Plasma or Cryoprecipitate are reviewed upon receipt. If the audit criteria are not met, the request will be referred to a Transfusion Medicine physician for clinical consultation prior to preparation of component. Requests from the ED or OR are filled immediately but are subject to review.

NOTE: It is important to realize that audit criteria are not approved indications for transfusion. They should not be construed as indicating or suggesting that transfusion should occur whenever the audit guidelines are met. They are used by the Transfusion Committee only as a tool to eliminate from consideration those transfusions that are likely to be appropriate in order to focus on those based on less well established indications.

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