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Reporting DH1 Inquiry Instructions

Instructions for DH1 Inquiry for Lab Results
  1. After signing on to the CIS, press return at "Enter Choice" prompt.
  2. Select function 1, "Clinical Information Inquiry" and press return.
  3. At the "Do you want to limit inquiry to Inpatient/Recent Discharges" prompt, enter Y or N depending on which is more appropriate.
  4. At "Patient" prompt, type in last name, first name of patient, then press return. If more than one choice appears, choose the appropriate one, then press return, or you'll be asked if the displayed patient is correct, enter Y if it is, then press return.
  5. A window may appear that asks you "Do you wish to continue this inquiry?", you must type "Yes" and press return.
  6. Press L and choose the option that's most appropriate, Inpatient-I, Outpatient-O, or All Encounters-A.
  7. Type in the number of days report should span, then F10 to continue.
  8. Lab results should appear on the screen.

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