Guidelines For Ordering Laboratory Procedures
Guidelines For Ordering Laboratory Tests
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Compliance Guidelines For Ordering Laboratory Tests

Guidelines for Ordering Laboratory Tests

  • Complete ALL patient demographic information (name. MRN#, DOB).
  • Include ordering provider (name & provider #).
  • Order test(s) desired by checking box to the right of the test.
  • Check the box for ALL applicable ICD-9 code(s) (diagnosis) for the test(s) ordered (there is NO limit to the # of diagnoses for Laboratory tests).
  • Use diagnosis that describes why you ordered a test NOT why you are seeing the patient. E.g. The reason a Reticulocyte is ordered is for anemia (established diagnosis, symptoms or signs) NOT the leukemia the patient is being treated.
  • Do NOT use "Rule Out" Diagnosis, Use signs/symptoms Use signs &/or symptoms that cause to want to "Rule out" a disorder or disease. E.g. A patient exhibits polyuria, sweating & polyphagia. Diabetes is to be ruled out. These symptoms/signs justify ordering a Glucose.
  • Be sure to document the test orders in Patient Records not just on the Requisition.
  • MEDICARE COVERED SCREENING TESTS (Be sure to order correct screening Test)
    • PSA (1/year)
    • FOB (1/year)
    • PAP SMEAR (1/ every 2 years)

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