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Ordering Labeling & Requisitions Mislabeled Specimen Policy

Policy for mislabeled, or unlabeled, or questionable specimens

  1. For a mislabeled, unlabeled or questionable specimen, the laboratory will contact the unit from which the specimen came and notify the unit secretary or patient's nurse. It is the provider's responsibility to provide a new specimen.
  2. In the event that the provider feels (health care professional ultimately responsible for the patient's care at that time) that the testing of the specimen is emergent, or that the specimen is not replaceable, the request may need to be cleared with a Pathology Resident or Pathologist, and a waiver of liability may need to be signed by the provider. See Protocol Flow Sheet on the next page. American Association of Blood Bank rules apply for Blood Bank specimens.
  3. No specimen will be discarded or its analysis inappropriately delayed while awaiting authorization by the Pathology Resident or Pathologist. However, no results will be reported out until the waiver of liability (if needed) is signed, except in a code or extremely urgent or emergent situation. Occasionally, specimen processing may be delayed pending receipt of complete and accurate patient information.

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