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Ordering Labeling & Requisitions Specimen Requirements

  1. The patient's name and MRN must be clearly written or addressographed on labels and attached to EACH specimen tube or container. It is required that labeling occur at the bedside and that verification of the A# with the patient's wristband can be made.
  2. Each requisition must have patient's first and last name, A#, date of birth, date and time of collection, patient location, and ordering physician clearly indicated. The requested tests should be checked on the standard Laboratory requisition forms. If the test is not on a standard form it should be written on a miscellaneous form using the terminology given in the list of Laboratory procedures. If the procedure is not on this list please call the Laboratory for proper terminology.
  3. Ensure that the specimen type or container is appropriate and the volume is adequate for the tests ordered.
  4. If a Blood Bank specimen is drawn, both the tube and the Blood Bank card needs to include the Bloodloc code, phelbotomist’s signature, date and time of draw.
  5. The Microbiology requisition must include time of collection, clinical diagnosis or organism suspected, if possible, along with the specific source from which the specimen was obtained.

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