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Packaging Specimens for Delivery to the Labortory

Deliver specimens to the Laboratory promptly within ONE HOUR

  1. All specimens sent to the Lab must be sent in a sealed plastic bag having a BIOHAZARD emblem.
  2. When sending lab specimens via the Pneumatic Tube System (PTS), please use the PTS approved adhesive seal bags. Place requisitions in the outside pouch. Ensure that lids are secure on the PTS approved specimen containers. Refer to the lab section of the PTS Manual for the PTS approved specimen container table and the proper packaging procedures. If specimens are hand carried to the lab and are in a bag other than a PTS approved bag, request slips must be attached to the OUTSIDE of the bag by scotch tape or a paper clip.
  3. Any specimens from patients on Radioisotope precautions should be placed in plastic bags with a warning label attached.

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