Phlebotomy Procedures
  Materials Required
  Tube Types And Order Of Draw
  Venipuncture And Skin Puncture
  Venipuncture Site Selection
  Venipuncture Sources Of Error
  Pediatric Patient Special Consideration
  Blood Culture Bottle Selection
  Blood Culture
  Adverse Patient Reaction
  Handling Considerations
  Unable to Draw
Patient Refusal
  Not Performing a Draw
  Drawing Drug Levels
  Non-blood Collection
Specimen Collection Phlebotomy Procedures Patient Refusal/Unavailable

In the event the patient refuses a blood draw, or is unavailable to have blood drawn, the procedure below will be followed:

  1. The unit secretary will be notified that the blood was not drawn. New requisitons and labels will be made and left with the unit secretary or on the phlebotomy clipboard for the next draw if appropriate.
  2. When a patient has left the floor, the appropriate personnel from the floor should call the unit (i.e. OR, Dialysis, etc.) where the patient has gone and notify them that the blood work was not drawn.

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