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Reporting STAT Results


  1. Client Response Center Reporting Procedures
    During itís hours of operation (M-F, 7am-5:00pm), the Laboratory Client Response Center calls heparin protocol results on PT and PTT tests. Technical staff are responsible for all other times including holidays.

    Reporting STAT Results
    STAT results are available in one hour or less after receipt of the specimen in the Lab (exceptions are STAT-in-the-(6)AM rounds, and tests discussed in sections D.3. and D.4. below). Unless otherwise indicated, all reporting of results is done electronically via the Clinical Information System (eD-H). Non-critical results on STAT requests will be reported in eD-H without phone notification. Units with STAT printers also receive their results by printer report as results are verified in the Laboratory. Any Critical result, (except Dialysis BUN/Creatinines/Phosphorus, or recurrent Hematology criticals) will be called. Coagulation results that fail Delta Check Limits will also be called. All CODE BLUE and OR results will be called to the designated phone or beeper number. Persons receiving results will be asked to identify themselves and verify results by reading them back. All critical, Code Blue, Trauma and O.R. laboratory results must be called regardless of the ordering locationís printer capability.
    Each laboratory section determines its own critical value listing.
    When laboratory staff verbally communicate results they should include the following information:

    1. Caller name and lab section
      The patientís full name
      The patientís MRN
    2. Critical or Code Blue laboratory results

    Laboratory staff should request this information to be read back to them in order to verify accuracy. The date, time and person they gave the results to should be recorded in the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

    Every effort should be made by laboratory staff to communicate critical results to a person to ensure they are enacted upon ASAP. Leaving a message on voice mail for an ordering provider indicating that critical results are available on a patient should only be done when all efforts to contact the provider or covering provider are exhausted. Voice message should include the lab contact name, phone number, patient name, MRN, and name of test(s).

    Faxing STAT Results
    The Laboratory will FAX results upon request according to the Laboratory Faxing Policy. Some FAX requests may not be honored if patient confidentiality can not be assured.

    Specific STAT Tests

    1. The following Chemistry tests are done immediately and all results are entered into the LIS system within 10 minutes. If received from the OR, ED or a Code Blue patient or if there are critical values, all results will be called.

      Arterial or Venous pH/Blood Gasses, and Cooximetry, including CO, Whole Blood Ionized Calcium, Whole Blood Sodium/Potassium, Whole Blood Glucose and Whole Blood Lactate.

    2. The following Laboratory tests are available STAT. A STAT request is reported within 1 hour after receipt of the specimen in the Laboratory. Many of the listed individual tests are also available as part of Test Panel(s).

    3. Blood Bank Hematology Microbiology
      Compatibility Testing CBC (WBC, HCT, HGB, Platelets, Differentials) Gram Stains
      Transfusion Reaction Investigation Urinalysis Fecal lactoferrin (stool WBC)
      Cord Blood Specimen Examination Urine Pregnancy Rapid Flu EIA
      Blood Component Preparation/Issue CSF and Body Fluid Cell Counts Group A Strep Antigen
        Coagulation Tests (PT, PTT, TT, Fibrinogen, D-Dimer)  

      Sodium CSF Protein  
      Potassium CSF Glucose Digoxin
      Chloride   Gentamicin
      CO2 BHCG Phenytoin
      Glucose Salicylate Primidone
      Ketones (as BOHB) Acetaminophen Theophylline
      BUN   Carbamazepine
      Calcium   Phenobarb
      Amylase Serum TCA Tobramycin
      Total CK   Valproic Acid
      Troponin T Ethanol Vancomycin
      Osmolality (Urine or Serum)   Methotrexate
        Qualitative DAU  

    4. Microbiology analysis of malarial smear and mono available STAT from 7AM to 11PM only. Analysis of Acid Fast Smears is available within 24 hours in appropriate clinical settings.

    5. All tests not listed in D.1. or D.2. above, usually have analysis times greater than 1 hour. If ordered STAT, these specimens will be analyzed on the next scheduled batch before any routine samples. Occasionally, some tests can be done on an emergency basis when the turn-around-time is too long for the clinical situation. These will require an evaluation on a case by case basis and approval from a Pathologist (or designated Professional Staff). Examples of Microbiology tests requiring consultation are Cryptococcal Antigen (CRAG), virology stains, FLU, EIA, and examples of Chemistry tests requiring consultation are Volatile Testing (Methanol and Ethylene Glycol).

  2. Final Reporting

    1. All laboratory results are available through the Clinical Information System (eD-H) and the Cerner Information System upon verification.

    2. Final Medical Record Hard copy reports are generated and posted in the patientís chart daily.
    3. Laboratory results are, by policy reported back to the ordering providers, or other person(s) associated with the care being rendered or their designee(s) in compliance with New Hampshire state laws and Medical Center policies governing the release of medical information. The laboratory does not report or release results directly to patients except in rare circumstances when arrangements have been made and when there is written authorization from the patientís ordering provider to release such information.

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