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Research Projects Lab Support

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Services supports and assists research projects and studies undertaken by members of the DHMC medical community. The Laboratory will perform locally, or mail out to our usual reference laboratories, those tests needed for research projects where testing need not be sent to a centralized clinical trial laboratory, such as Covance or Quintiles.

The Department of Pathology no longer processes study kits that need to go to these clinical trial laboratories; such kit processing is now being done at the SYNERGY Clinical Research Unit, located at 4M in the Faulkner Building. Please contact them to arrange for the collection, processing, storage and shipment of such kits.

Any P.I. or Researcher needing lab support (such as venipunctures and testing of specimens, etc.) should fill out the Research Request Form and e-mail Faith Clendenen, at least two weeks before the study is to begin.

Steps for Obtaining Lab Support for Research Studies:

  1. First contact the MHMH Business Office at extension 5-3799 to obtain an MHMH Account number, an STYO stamp and instructions on its use and discuss a discount.
  2. At least two weeks before any actual lab support is needed, a meeting needs to be held in the Clinical Lab with the research study contact. The following needs to be provided at that meeting:
    1. A copy of the protocol, specifically lab tests needed
    2. A copy of the CPHS approval
    3. An understanding of the tests and / or services the Lab is being asked to provide in support of the research study.
    4. The completed Form for Clinical Laboratory Support of Research Projects (link located above)
  1. Prices increase every fiscal year.
  2. Research support is contingent on adequate staffing.
  3. Research charges must be distinct from clinical charges when they're charged.
  4. MHMH Billing numbers are 9 digit account numbers beginning with 005 obtained from the MHMH  Business office.  23 digit/character numbers are Dartmouth College account numbers and not MHMH Billing numbers
  5. Processing and shipping of study kits to centralized clinical trial core laboratories and temporary storage of samples at -80 degrees is being handled by the CRU.
  6. Arrangements for exceptional processing of study kits by the study coordinators at times when the CRU is closed will be considered and may be approved upon review.

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