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Handling Procedures Serum Preparation & Handling

  1. Obtain a venous blood specimen in a red (plain) or gold (serum separator) tube.
  2. Allow specimen to fully clot. Place a specimen vertically in a test tube rack as this will speed up the clotting action. When the clotting has completed, the blood will no longer "flow". The clotting should be complete after 15-30 minutes depending on the type of tube used and patient condition.
  3. Centrifuge the specimen according to centrifuge manufacturer's recommendations at 3000 rpm's.

    NOTE: Amniotic fluid requires special centrifuge requirements. Please see procedure specifics for information.

  4. Serum should be separated from the red cells to avoid test interference. This should take place within one hour of collection. Always avoid red cell contamination. Valid measurements of analytes in serum or plasma requires prompt separation from the blood cells analysis.

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