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Ordering STAT Requests


    1. Emergency (RED) Requisition
      The red, Emergency Laboratory requisition is the only automatic STAT requisition. It lists the most frequently ordered tests that are available STAT. Any test ordered on this requisition will be performed and charged as a STAT procedure. For additional tests that may be ordered STAT, see the complete listing in Reporting STAT's.

    2. Emergency Room (ORANGE) Requisition (8x11) Sheet
      All tests indicated on the orange Emergency Sheet except ESR, are ordered STAT, and are performed and charged as a STAT procedure.

    3. Microbiology Requisition
      A STAT request must be clearly indicated by marking STAT on the requisition. Also, both the source and the test ordered must be indicated on the requisition.

    4. Other Requisition Types
      Other requisitions may be used for STAT ordering but must indicate STAT by writing STAT on the requisition. Please note that only specific tests listed in Reporting STAT's. Reporting Procedures are reported STAT within an hour.


    1. STAT
      These orders are placed for specific tests that are needed on an emergency basis. STAT results on these tests are available in one hour or less after receipt of specimen.

    2. Expedite
      The orders known as "STAT in the AM draws" will be drawn with the 0600 rounds and delivered to the Laboratory in a timely manner. Analysis will not be done STAT, but samples are analyzed same day before any routine samples. Results will be available approximately 2 hours after arrival in the Laboratory.

    3. Routine
      All laboratory tests are requisitioned "Routine" unless otherwise indicated. Analysis start times and analytical time to perform the test vary depending on type of testing to be done. Please consult the individual test listings in the Lab Handbook for the approximate turn-around-time of specific tests.

    4. Verbal Requests
      With a verbal request, STAT add on requests are run immediately on the next available run. A written requisition must follow any verbal request for an add-on test


    1. Inpatient Phlebotomy
      Phlebotomy services (inpatient phlebotomy performed by Nursing, LNAs and Patient Care Techs) are available to draw STAT blood specimens and are reached according to the protocol in each nursing unit. Because of the possibility of multiple STAT requests, the staff will respond on a first-come-first served basis.

    2. Required Paperwork
      Requisitions must be filled out entirely, marked "STAT", accompanied by the appropriate number of addressograph labels, and attached to the clipboard at the nursing station.


    1. Approved STATs
      Occasionally, tests can be done on an emergency basis if the routine turn-around-time is too long for the clinical situation. These will require an evaluation on a case by case basis and approval from a Pathologist. For help, please contact the Laboratory at extension 5-2200.

    2. Offsite STAT Testing
      Occasionally, emergent cases may develop with outreach clients (non DHMC provider) which requires STAT testing on a sample. Include "STAT" on the outpatient requisition, and if possible alert the Lab at (603) 650-2200 of the special need. Include the name of the person to contact with results and a phone, beeper, or fax number.

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