Professional Staff
Staff Directory Supervisors

Area of Responsibility Name Telephone
Administrative Director of Pathology & Lab Medicine Michael Harhen 5-7171
Anatomic Pathology Operations Manager James E. Tracy 3-3992
Anatomic Pathology Support Staff Supervisor Christine M.U. Erickson 5-7211
Blood Bank Supervisor Helen M. Hazelton 5-9435
Blood Donor Program Supervisor Timothy F. Drake, Interim 5-3780
Cellular Therapy Laboratory Timothy F. Drake, Interim 5-3780
Chemistry Supervisor Abigail A. Johnston 5-7842
Client Response Center Supervisor Patricia Stout 5-4476
Clinical Genomics & Advanced Technologies Manager Heather B. Steinmetz 5-8202
Clinical Trials Group Leader Vacant 5-6215
Cytogenetics Supervisor Mohammad Azim 5-7793
Cytology Supervisor Megan Boivin 5-4839
Flow Cytometry Coordinator Jason Pfeiffer 5-7205
Hematology Supervisor Kari J. Agan 5-8407
Histology Supervisor Tamara Fairbank 5-7227
Laboratory IS Manager William Burgett 5-4697
Laboratory IS Programmer Analyst Lead Torrie R. Pandora 5-4911
Laboratory Medicine Operations Manager Timothy F. Drake 5-4832
Laboratory Safety & Education Shirley A. Collins 5-7262
Mailouts Coordinator Beverly Jo Ash 5-8093
Microbiology/Serology Supervisor Nisalda Carreiro 5-4851
Molecular Pathology Supervisor Samantha F. Allen 5-8257
Outreach Coordinator Lisa LeBlanc 5-7242
Outreach Services Manager Ellen Dijkman-Dulkes 5-7487
Phlebotomy Supervisor Michelle Gour 3-3951
Point Of Care Testing Coordinator Mary McGuigan 5-7198
Quality Systems Manager Lauren B. Farnsworth 5-4815
Specimen Receiving Supervisor Dylan A. Calhoun 5-4871
Surgical Bench/Pathologist Assistants Peter Seery
Elizabeth Rizzo
Shannon Schutz
Steven H. Boyle
Jillian Brockman

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