Phlebotomy Procedures
  Materials Required
  Tube Types And Order Of Draw
  Venipuncture And Skin Puncture
  Venipuncture Site Selection
  Venipuncture Sources Of Error
  Pediatric Patient Special Consideration
  Blood Culture Bottle Selection
  Blood Culture
  Adverse Patient Reaction
  Handling Considerations
Unable to Draw
  Patient Refusal
  Not Performing a Draw
  Drawing Drug Levels
  Non-blood Collection
Specimen Collection Phlebotomy Procedures Unable to Draw

In the event the hospital staff is unable to collect a blood specimen by venipuncture he/she will convert to capillary draw technique for all applicable test procedures. If the tests ordered can not be done on a capillary draw sample the procedure below will be followed:

The IV Team will be contacted. New requisition and labels will be made and left on the IV Team clipboard. If the IV Team is unsuccessful they will contact the appropriate person and notify them that the blood was not drawn.

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